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Memories of Puerto Rico DVD
The Perfect Souvenir DVD. Video, images and music combined to create a virtual trip around the Island of Puerto Rico.

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Memories of Puerto Rico is a DVD with unforgettable video footage and still images endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. The DVD includes a 20 minute video featuring the most beautiful sites Puerto Rico has to offer. Travel to the majestic forts and streets of Old San Juan, enjoy the impressive architecture of the Convention Center, the Puerto Rico Coliseum, and the metropolitan city of San Juan. Ride the Urban Train, walk through El Yunque Caribbean Rain Forest, visit Ponce, San Germán, Utuado, Caguas, Guánica, Vega Baja, Rincón, Mayagüez, the Arecibo Observatory, the Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park, the Río Piedras Botanical Gardens, and the Camuy Caverns. Experience the San Sebastián Street Festival and the Ponce Carnival. The video features English and Spanish subtitles and the background music of José González and its Criollo Clásico Band. It includes 300 images divided into 6 galleries that run as a slide show. Images include English and Spanish subtitles. It includes general Puerto Rico facts, history, Internet links and more. It is the perfect Souvenir and the perfect gift for anyone who loves Puerto Rico.


- 20 minute video with Music from José González & Criollo Clasico
- 300 still images organized in 6 galleries
- Interactive English and Spanish Menus
- English and Spanish subtitles for video and all still images
- General Puerto Rico information & facts
- Internet links
- Videos and images run infinitely on a loop (for continuous play)


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